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Portland, Me

Crystal Cawley is an artist who works with paper, textiles, collected objects, and re-purposed materials. 

Worth Noting

Portland Show at Greenhut Gallery

Crystal Cawley

 Crystal Cawley,  Portland Hat , 2016, detail. Photo by Jay York. 

Crystal Cawley, Portland Hat, 2016, detail. Photo by Jay York. 

 Crystal Cawley,  Portland Hat , 2016. Photo by Jay York. 

Crystal Cawley, Portland Hat, 2016. Photo by Jay York. 

Greenhut Gallery’s 8th Biennial Portland Show runs through Saturday, April 30, at 146 Middle Street in downtown Portland. The Portland Show is an invitational exhibition for which artists create work specifically about Portland. 

I made an oversized top hat embellished with paper feathers, leaves, flowers, and covered buttons. I used several large Army Corps of Engineers maps of Portland from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s to make all the parts of the hat. Thank you to the Osher Map Library at USM for their free pile of discarded maps. 

For more information about the exhibition, use this link to contact Greenhut Gallery