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Portland, Me

Crystal Cawley is an artist who works with paper, textiles, collected objects, and re-purposed materials. 

Worth Noting

The Hundred Dresses Project Summer Exhibition

Crystal Cawley


This summer’s exhibition of The Hundred Dresses Project: We are all in this Together is at The Gallery at Penn College in Williamsport, PA, from June 4 to July 23. The image on the announcement card is by Pilar Nadal, one of the 158 dresses in the exhibit. The opening reception will be on Thursday, June 6, from 4:30 to 6:30, where I’ll give a gallery talk at 5:30. On Friday, June 7, I’ll teach an all-day art workshop at the college. 

I’m pleased to show all the dresses again (158 to date), and am excited about related activities organized by Penny Lutz, the gallery director. Penny received a grant to purchase copies of Eleanor Estes’ book, The Hundred Dresses, and art supplies for 11 art teachers at 16 schools in her area. 1350 third- to fifth-graders read the book and made 5 x 7-inch dress prints, which will be shown in a space at the college near the gallery. Also, the gallery is partnering with Studio 570, a Williamsport-based theater company, to present a new theatrical adaptation of The Hundred Dresses. Studio 570 uses the concept of creating theater in ‘found spaces,’ like public schools, to achieve their mission of engaging the public and building the local arts community. There will be performances of the play in the gallery, amidst the 158 dresses on the walls.  

I also made a new interactive piece — a big purple felt dress with flannel-backed paper circles and diamonds for creating patterns. The circles and diamonds have words related to the story printed on them, like kindness, compassion, empathy, and such. Gallery visitors will be able to arrange the circles and diamonds however they like, so the dress will change throughout the run of the show. Big thanks to Elizabeth Berkana, Karen Hinchliffe, and Marie Noelle for help with cutting out 140 or so flannel circles. 

Flannel board dress for the exhibition with details (about 70 inches tall)