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Portland, Me

Crystal Cawley is an artist who works with paper, textiles, collected objects, and re-purposed materials. 


I have no talent for certainty.

Jane Austen

book with outfits (autobiography)

Book with Outfits (Autobiography) is a small book with clothes made from fabric scraps, vintage household linens, or knitted from leftover yarn, housed in a handmade trunk with drawers and cubbies for the book, its clothes, and accessories. It honors the memory of my two grandmothers who encouraged my interest in sewing and knitting. 


Artist book collaboration with sculptor Jill Dalton: letterpress, collage, embroidery, collected detritus from our two studios

Mourning Pins

One-of-a-kind artist’s book: paper, silk, transfer printing, dressmaker’s pins, embroidery

Vague Idea Vestment for Elizabeth Hawes

Felt, strips of handmade paper, jigsaw puzzle pieces, embroidery